Japanese Tea Garden
The magnificent Tea Garden started its life as part of the California Midwinter International Exhibition of 1894. The original 1 acre part was expanded to its present 5 acres and is now part of Golden Gate Park. One of its most famous attractions is the incredibly steep Moon Bridge. It looks tricky, but I bet it will be fun to climb it.

magnificent adj. 宏偉的;壯麗的
midwinter n. 冬至;仲冬(陽曆十二月二十一日左右,為白晝最短的一日)
exhibition n. 陳列;展覽, 展覽會
acre n. 英畝
steep adj. 陡峭的;峭壁的;險峻的
tricky adj. 專事欺詐的;不可靠的, 需小心或技巧處理的

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