The name Jason is of Greek and means "healer." In Greek mythology, Jason was the leader of a group of warrior heroes called the Argonauts. Variant forms of the name include Jay, Jace, and Jayson. Famous people who share this name include NBA all-star player Jason Kidd and MLB player Jason Giambi.
    Then name Claire, which means "famous," originated from French and Latin. The name is popular in its different forms in many countries. Variations of the name, for example, are Clara, Clair, and Clare. Celebrities who have the name include adventurer Claire Francis and Hollywood actress Claire Danes (Romeo & Juliet).

heal vt. 治癒;使復原
healer n.
warrior n. 兵士;戰士;軍人, 勇敢的戰士
warrior == A soldier; a man in military life
Argonaut n. 【希】【神話】跟隨英雄傑生到海外覓取金羊毛的英雄
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