Rachel: What happened? You look so depressed.
Dominic: I feel dragged out from working so much. Besides, my boss is hard on me all the time.
Rachel: I suggest doing some exercise. It can help you release some of the pressure you're feeling.
Dominic: Won't that just make me more tired?
Rachel: On the contrary, according to a story I read in the China Post, exercise may simulate the growth of brain cells, helping relieve one's depression.
Dominic: That sounds cool. I'll give it a shot and see if it really works.

解析:feel dragged out == to feel exhausted (累垮了)

contrary adj. 相反的;違反的;矛盾的
simulate vt. 假裝;偽裝, 【電腦】模擬;模仿   adj. 假裝的;模仿的
relieve vt. 解除;減輕;緩和(痛苦))((of)), 接班;替班(如巡邏);換班
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