Rachael: How come every time I see you. You have a cigarette in your hand? You are really a chain smoker!
Domingo: I don't know. When I'm bored, I just feel like smoking.
Rachael: Look, according to a story I read in the China Post, WHO said that one billion people will die of diseases related to tobacco in this century, You could be one of them!
Domingo: Hmm. I better do something about this -- and soon. I think I'll quit smoking starting tomorrow!

解析:feel like doing(something) == to be in the mood to do something, to want to do something(想要做某件事)

a chain smoker == 老煙槍

cigarette n. 紙煙;香煙
cigarette == cigaret
tobacco n. 煙草, 菸葉
cigar n. 雪茄煙
disease n. 心智或身體不健全;疾病;病
ease n. 安適;不費力;容易
easy adj.
easily adv.
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