North Beach
I'm so tired, I think I'll take a nap on the tranquil lawns of Washington Square. There's a statue of Benjamin Franklin here, donated by a wealthy teetotaler dentist named Cogswell. He had the odd idea that building enough water fountains in San Francisco would cure the city's thirst for booze. I guess he got that one wrong!

nap n. 小睡;假寐
tranquil adj. 平靜的;安靜的
donate vt. 贈與;捐助
teetotal adj. 【口】完全的;全然的
teetotaler n.
tee n. 【體】(高爾夫)發球處;球座
tee n. T 字型物
odd adj. 單的;不成對的, 不尋常的;奇怪的
fountain n.人造噴泉
cure n. 醫療;醫術
thirst n. 渴
booze vt. 【俚】縱飲;縱酒
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