Rae: Sitting all day long is not good for your health. Want to join a swimming class with me?
Dominique: I'm too lazy to exercise! Besides, I've never been in the habit of exercising regularly. Starting now won't make me healthier all of sudden!
Rae: But it will make you feel fit in the long run. Besides, according to a story I read in the China Post, no matter who you are, adopting a healthy lifestyle can make you healthier within years of changing habits.
Dominique: You're right. Let's go to the swimming class!

解析: feel fit == to feel well and healthy (感到身體健康)

regular adj. 規則的;整齊的
regularly adv.
regulate vt. 控制;指揮;管理
regulator n. 治理者;管理者
adopt vt. 收養;採納;採取   cf.採納;採用
sudden adj. 突然的;出乎意料的
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