Jasmine: Stop smoking, Eric! It's not good for your health.
Eric: That's what you think. But I'm actually doing it for my own good.
Jasmine: I'm sure that there's nothing good about smoking.
Eric: That's not completely true. I read a story in the China Post about a study that found that smoking might ward off Parkinson's disease because carbon monoxide can stimulate brain neurons!
Jasmine: Come on! Let's get the facts straight. You are going to die of lung cancer before you get Parkinson's disease!

解析:get the facts straight==get a good understanding of the facts (認清事實)

ward vt. 擋開;避開;阻止
disease n. 心智或身體不健全;疾病;病
Parkinson's disease 帕金森氏症
carbon n. 【化】碳
monoxide n. 【化】一氧化物
dioxide n. 【化】二氧化物
carbon monoxide 【化】一氧化碳
carbon dioxide 【化】二氧化碳
stimulate vt. 刺激;激發;激勵
neuron n. 【解】神經元;神經細胞
straight adj. 不彎曲的;直的
lung n. 【解】肺;肺臟
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