Jasmin: Want to go swimming with me this weekend?
Rick: No thanks. I don't like swimming.
Jasmin: I read a story in the China Post. According to researchers at the University of California Los Angeles, muscular men are more appealing to women than slender ones, since women tend to prefer muscularity.
Rick: I just lied. Actually, I love swimming I'm getting set to go swimming this weekend!

解析:get set to == get ready to start (準備好)

muscular adj. 肌肉的;有肌肉的
muscularity n.肌肉強壯
appeal vt. 【法律】控訴;上訴   vi. 引起興趣;使產生良好印象;有吸引力
slender adj. 纖細的;修長的
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