Aric: Do you know the new seven wonders?
Yasmin: Of course. And my favorite - The Great Wall - was ranked the number one wonder!
Aric: Actually, I don't thing that heritage means anything. The ranking of a heritage site doesn't change its value.
Yasmin: I agree with you. But at least more and more people are now aware of the heritage sites around the world.
Aric: Now you're getting to the heart of the matter! Hopefully, now people will understand the importance of preserving these cultural landmarks.

解析:get to the heart of (something) == understand the most important thing about something (事情最重要的部份)

seven wonders == 七大奇景
the Great Wall == 萬里長城

wonder n. 驚奇;驚異
heritage n. 世襲產業;祖業
aware adj. 覺察的;知道的
ware n. 製品;物品;商品
preserve vt. 保全;保護
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