Pierre: Do you know "Lewis Gordon Pugh?"
Danna: Who is he?
Pierre: He's British swimmer who recently swam in the sea at the North Pole. Astonishingly, he only wore swimming briefs in a bid to highlight the impact of climate change! The temperature in water is minus 1.8 degrees Celsius!
Dianna: That's awesome. But I think there are all ice sheets in the Arctic?
Pierre: There "were." Climate change has melted part of the ice sheets there. If we don't do something to help it, there will be no ice sheets in the North Pole in the long run!

解析:in the long run == the distant future, in the end (長久下來)

astonishing adj. 驚人的;令人訝異的
brief adj. 短暫的
bid vi.vt. 期望達到
impact n. 碰撞;相撞
climate n. 氣候
Celsius n. 攝氏溫度計
Celsius, Anders (1701-1744) n. 瑞典天文學家
sheet n. 廣闊之平面, 寬平之薄片(如紙、布)
Arctic adj. 北極的;北極區的
melt vi. 融化;熔化
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