The boy's name Peter is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "rock". The name has become popular worldwide after the play "Peter Pan." Names similar to Peter include Pedro, Pierce and Pierre. Famous people who have the name, for instance, include tennis star player Pete Sampras and Taiwan singer Peter Ho.
    The girl's name Diana originates from Latin and means "divine." In Roman mythology, Diana was a divinity who resembled to the Greek god "Artemis," the goddess of huntress, noted for her beauty and fleetness. Celebrities with the name include Princess Diana and American singer and actress Diana Ross.

similar adj. 相似的;類似的
divine adj. 上帝的;神的, 神聖的   vt. 預見;預言
divinity n. 神性;神格
Divinity == God
resemble vt. 相似;(面貌或性質)類似
huntress n. 女獵人
fleet n. 艦隊
fleet adj. 迅速的;活潑的   
fleetness n.
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