Eddie: Gas prices have been soaring recently. At this rate, anyone who needs to drive a car to get to work every day is really going to be in a bind.
Zoya: That's right. Luckily, there will be "hydrogen fuel cells" in the near future.
Eddie: What is a "hydrogen fuel cell"? I've never heard of that.
Zoya: It's a fuel that consumes hydrogen through a pollution-free chemical reaction. The cell chemically combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, water and heat.
Eddie: Awesome. Once hydrogen fuel cells are on the market, they'll certainly help ease the rising fuel prices and climate change crisis!

解析:in a bind == in trouble (處境困難;左右為難)
          bind 這個字在口語中,本身就有[困境;處境尷尬] 的意思

hydrogen fuel cell== 氫燃料電池
pollution-free ==零污染

bound1==bind (為bind 的過去式及過去分詞)

bind vt. 綑;綁, (以力)限制
hydrogen n. 【化】氫
hydrogen bomb 氫彈
fuel n. 燃料
pollution n. 污染
reaction n. 反動;反應
oxygen n. 【化】氧
crisis n. 轉捩點;危機;難關
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