The name Edgar is of old English and old German origin; its meaning is "fortunate and powerful." In Shakespear's "King Lear," Lear's son is called Edgar. Variants of the name include Ed, Eddie and Ned. Famous people who have the name include prominent poet Edgar Allan Poe and J. Edgar Hoover, former head of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    The name Zoe originates from ancient Greece and means "life." The name is remarkably popular in Greecs. Names similar to Zoe include Zoey, Zoya and Zea. Celebrities who share the name include Byzantine empress Zoe Karbonopsina and British novelist Zoe Heller.

Shakespear == 莎士比亞
King Lear == 李爾王
Byzantine == 拜占庭
Federal Bureau of Investigation == FBI

prominent adj. 凸出的;突出的
poet n. 詩人
bureau n. 辦公室;辦事處, 局;司;處;署
investigation n. 詳究;調查;探討
remarkabe  adj. 值得注意的;非凡的;非常的
Byzantine adj. 拜占庭(即今日之君士坦丁堡)
empress n. 女皇;皇后
novelist n. 小說家


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