Issac: You look so depressed. What happened?
Natalia: My boss is so hard on me. I usually have to beat my brains out just to complete the task he assigns me.
Issac: Why not go get some exercise? That should help you to relieve some pressure.
Natalia: That's going to make me more exhausted, isn't it ?
Issac: I don't think so. According to a story I read in the China Post, physical activities can stimulate your brain to produce endocrine -- they work just like some anti-depressants!
Natalia: Sounds not bad. I'll try doing some exercises right now to see if it really works!

解析:beat one's brains out == to work very hard (to do something) 絞盡腦汁

relieve vt. 解除;減輕;緩和(痛苦))((of))
exhaust vt. 使精疲力竭;使疲勞
stimulate vt. 刺激;激發;激勵
endocrine adj. 內分泌的
depressant n. 鎮定劑 == sedative
anti-depressant 抗憂鬱藥
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