Tasha: What happened to your arms?
Zak: I must have played too much Wii. I bet my friend that I would be able to beat this new game before the end of the week. I've palyed for 12 straight hours. Now I'm so tired that I can't lift my arms! I want to take a break, but I can't because I have to beat the clock.
Tasha: You have "DOMS," I think.
Zak: What's that?
Tasha: DOMS means "delayed onset muscle soreness"; it's the discomfort felt 24 to 48 hours after exercising. Usually it takes three to seven days to recover.
Zak: Three to seven days? I'm going to lose the bet!
Tasha: You can try applying some ice and massaging your muscles. That can help relieve the soreness.

解析:beat the clock == to finish something before the time is up (搶時間)

DOMS == delayed onset musle soreness (延遲肌肉酸痛症)

straight adj. 不彎曲的;直的
lift vt. 舉;升;抬起
onset n. 襲擊;攻擊


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