Sebastian: Do you know what? Last night I ran into a police check at a pub. The police yelled at some customers and made me feel so scared.
Maya: Hmm. The situation would be much better if you were in Thailand.
Sebastian: Why?
Maya: Thai police recently recruited "Hello Kitty" as a new member. Officers who speak to people too aggressively will be forced to wear bright, pink Hello Kitty armbands. Would you wear a Hello Kitty armband?
Sebastian: Over my dead body.
Maya: That's why they adopted this method to regulate bad-boy officers.

解析:over one's dead body == never, under any circumstances

yell vt. 吶喊
aggressively adj. 好鬥的;挑釁的
bright adj. 光明的;明亮的
recruit vt. 招募
adopt vt. 收養;採納
regulate vt. 控制;指揮;管理
circumstance n. 情形;狀況
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