Bastian: Look out for that car!
Maiya: Phew! How could he run the red light like that?
Bastian: Maybe he's driving under the influence.
Maiya: When people drink and drive, it's as though they just want to get their lives over and done with.
Bastian: I can't agree more. Hopefully, there will be cars preventing impaired drivers from operating vehicles.
Maiya: Really?
Bastian: According to a story that I read in the China Post, a Japanese company is going to introduce a new concept car with breathalyzer systems. Drivers who fail the test will not be able to start the engine. I'm sure it will keep the road much safer.

解析:over (and done) with == to be at the end of something, to be finished with (結束)

phew interj. 表示憎惡﹑不耐煩﹑不快的驚嘆字
influence n. 作用力;影響
prevent vt. 防止;使不發生
impair vt. 使更壞;減損;使弱;傷害
breathalyzer n. (測醉用)呼吸分析器
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