Seb: The test is way to hard. How could the professor treat us like this?
Miah: Don't find excuses for your laziness!
Seb: I can't really memorize things. I think I'm getting old.
Miah: Old? According to a story that I read in the China Post, a 94-year-old Aussie granny just received her master's degree.
Seb: Really? You don't think a 94-year-old person would be over her head when it came to studying the material?
Miah: Her instructors said she had an "amazing brain." Besides, she must be a hard-studying student, unlike you!

解析:over one's head == to be in a situation that is beyond one's abilities (難以應付)
master's degree == 碩士學位
hard-studying student == 用功的學生

really : adv 用來形容 verb (memorize)
laziness : noun 用來當受詞

memorize vt. 記住;背誦
Aussie n. == Australia, 【俚】澳洲人 (Australian)
granny n. 祖母;外婆;老婦
poetry n. 詩
poet n. 詩人
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