1. I will visit UK next week.
    There are two problems with this sentence. Firstly, we do not say 'UK', we say 'The UK' as it is a group of islands (like 'The Philippines' and 'The Canaries'). Remember that we also use 'the' for 'The USA' as it is a collection of States.
    The second problem is that for 'arrangements' -- i.e. future events you have planned and bought tickets for, invited people etc. we use the present continuous. Because this person is visiting the UK next week, he has probably already arranged everything. The correct sentences, then should be:
I'm visiting the UK next week.
    When writing in English using Microsoft Word on a computer, remember to watch out for green or red lines under your work. Green lines mean the grammar is probably wrong, red lines mean something more serious - perhaps a spelling mistake, a word that does not exist or a sentence that just doesn't make sense in English.

    您覺得 I will visit UK next week. 這個句子有任何問題嗎? 
    事實上這個句子有兩個問題存在,首先因為 “UK(英國)" 是由一群島所構成的國家,所以國家的名稱必須以 “the” 來開頭 (就好比 “The Philippines” 菲律賓島及 “The Canaries" 加那利群島)。如同美國是以許多州而構成的國家,所以我們會稱呼美國為 “The USA”。
    再來就是當安排行程時 - 例如:為即將到來的活動買票或邀請朋友等,應該使用現在進行式。從這個句子我們瞭解到他會在下週去英國,也就是說他已經為行程做好了一切的安排。因此正確的句型應該是:
I'm visiting the UK next week.
     當您在電腦上使用 Word 時,請隨時留意句子下方紅色或綠色的線條。當句子下方出現綠色的線條時,代表您所打的英文句子可能含有文法上的錯誤,而紅色的線條則代表較複雜的問題 - 例如拼音. 句型或語意的不流暢等。
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