The name Sebastian originates from Greek and means "revered." Sebastian is especially popular in France. In Shakespear's play "Twelth Night," Sebastian is the name of Viola's twin brother. Variants of the name include Bastian, Seb and Sebastian. Famous people who have the name include track star Sebastian Coe and composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

    The name Maya is of Spanish, Hindi and Russian origin. In Sanskrit, it means "dream, illusion." Names similar to Maya include Maiya, Miah and Mai. Celebrities who share the name, for example, are Maya Angelou and Maya Rudolph.

revere vt. 敬畏;敬重;尊敬
track n. 足跡, 路線;路程, 徑賽
Hindi n. 北印度之通用方言
Sanskrit n. 梵文
illusion n. 幻像;幻聲;幻影
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