Faith: Louis! Don't text with your mobile while driving. It's too dangerous.
Louis: You're telling me. I'll still pay attention to my driving job. It's no big deal.
Faith: According to a news report I read in the China Post, 91 percent of Americans believe texting while driving is as dangerous as driving after having a couple of drinks. Trust me. You'll be too distracted to concentrate on driving!
Louis: Hmm. You're right. I'll avoid it when possible in the future.
Faith: Good for you. Everyone should play it safe when it comes to road safety.

解析:play it safe == to be careful and not take risks (小心為上)

you're telling me. (you're telling me about it.)
it's no big deal. 沒什麼大不了
road safety 交通安全

distract vt. 分心
concentrate vt. 集中
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