Daniel: The blazing heat is killing me.
Nina: You're telling me. Do you know that the sea ice in Arctic recently shrunk to a record low due to the climate change?
Daniel: Really? That's so terrible. If the global warming keeps getting worse, the world come to bad end.
Nina: You are right. Luckily, every cloud has a silver lining. According to a report I read in The China Post, hundreds of people recently posed naked on a Swiss glacier to raise awareness of global warming.
Daniel: It must have been freezing cold there. It's really good to see people taking the climate crisis more seriously.

解析:every cloud has a silver lining == There is something good even in a unpleasant situation 

lining n. 夾裏;襯裏物;裝夾裏
blaze n. 火;火焰   vi. 發出火焰;燃燒
Arctic adj. 北極的;北極區的
the Arctic Circle 北極圈
shrunk vi. 縮;縮小;縮短
pose vt. 提出(如建議或問題)((for; to)), 把姿勢擺好;把...擺正位置
naked adj. 不著衣服的;裸體的
glacier n. 冰河
aware adj. 覺察的;知道的
awareness n.
crisis n. 轉捩點;危機;難關
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