Dain: What's new?
Nana: Do you know two dogs called Lucky and Flo? They were recently awarded medals by the Malaysia government, according to a report I read in the China Post.
Dain: They awarded medals to two dogs? Why?
Nana: The two Labradors where trained to detect the chemicals used to make DVDs in a move to battle piracy. At the end of a five-month campaign, their help successfully led to seizures of illegal discs worth over US$6 million!
Dain: Wow. That's a lot of discs. I guess "Every dog has its day" -- they really deserve the award.

解析:every dog has its day == everyone will have a chance for success someday

award vt. 判定;授與;判給 n. 判決;裁決, 獎;獎品
medal n. 紀念章
chemical adj. 化學的
piracy n. 海盜行為;海上劫奪, (著作物等)剽竊;非法翻印;侵害版權;侵害專利權
seizure n. 占領;占有, 扣押
deserve vt. 應得;應受;當領
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