Addy: How's the astronomy class you just enrolled in?
Colette: It's awesome. I started staring at the sky since then, hoping to see the constellations with my own eyes.
Addy: Hmm, Do you know Google Earth, a satellite mapping system?
Colette: Yep. Why?
Addy: It introduced a new feature -- a virtual telescope allowing Internet users to gaze at the sky just through their computer screens. You can find the constellations you want to see at any moment.
Colette: It sounds so great. I'll make a note of everything I learned during the class then check them out at home!

解析:make a note of (something) == write something down (記下某件事)

astronomy n. 天文學
enroll vt. 登記;註冊;記錄
awesome adj. 令人敬畏的;令人畏懼的;奇異的
stare vi. 張目而視;注視;凝視
constellation n. 【天】星座
satellite n. 衛星
gaze vi. 凝視;注視
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