Adams: I just read a book called "The Kite Runner". It's so impressive and worth reading. If you want, I can lend you the book.
Nikita: No, thanks. Actually, I haven't read books for a long time.
Adams: Are you kidding me! There's someone who doesn't read. I can't believe it!
Nikita: Come on. Don't make a big deal about this. Do you know that one in four Americans read no books last year? I'm just one of them.
Adams: It is just said that "it pays to study." Take this book. I bet you'll love it.

解析:make a big deal about (something) == exaggerate the seriousness of something (對某事大驚小怪)

The Kite Runner == 書名 (追風箏的孩子)
it pays to study == 開卷有益

kite n. 鳶, 風箏;紙鳶
lend vt. 借出;借與;借給
exaggerate vi.vt. 誇張;誇大而失真;言過其實
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