Bryan: Do you know what? I was in a cab and driver just couldn't stop picking his nose and scratching his bare feet while driving. It was so nasty.
Alisa: Ha-ha. The situation would be much better in Malaysia.
Bryan: Why?
Alisa: According to a news report I read in The China Post, Malaysian authorities have ordered cab drivers to pull up their socks and dress properly to more or less improve the country's image.
Bryan: What if the drivers fail to follows the rules?
Alisa: They will be fined by up to US$87, and they only earn about $20 a day.

解析:more or less == somewhat, to some extent (或多或少)

picking someone's nose==挖鼻孔
scratching his bare feet==摳腳ㄚ
pull up==穿上

scratch vi. (用粗物或尖物)刮破;抓破;抓傷
nasty adj. 污穢的;污濁的
proper adj. 適合的;適當的;合宜的
properly adv.
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