Bryant: What's new?
Elsa: Do you know that Apple is expected to release new iPod with touch screens?
Bryan: Really? I'm always in the market for something like that!
Elsa: You're really a big Apple fan. But I remember you just bought an iPod video recently?
Bryant: I'll save money by eating instant ramen for 2 months. It's no big deal.
Elsa: Don't bite off more than you can chew. It isn't worth it if you'll need to eat ramen for 2 months.
Bryant: You're really my best friend. Can you lend me NT$5,000 next month?

解析:bite off more than you can chew == to try to do more than one is able to do (不自量力)

instant ramen == 泡麵

bite vt. 用牙齒咬;咬斷;咬碎;(昆蟲等)刺、叮
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