Bryon: Cough.
Alicia: Do you have a cold?
Bryon: Nope. Do you know that my dad is a heavy smoker? It must be the secondhand smoke that makes me cough.
Alicia: That's so bad. Actually, secondhand smoke is more harmful than meets the eye.
Bryon: I know it. But there's nothing I can do with it.
Alicia: I remember you keep two dos in your house. According to a news report I read in the China Post, secondhand smoke can even cause cancer in pets. Maybe you can try to persuade your dad to smoke less because of that.

解析:more harmful than meets eye == more complicated than it appears first (不只是表面看來那樣)

cough n. 咳嗽 vi. 咳嗽
harmful adj. 有害的;致傷的
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