Jody: What's the book in your hand? Are you studying Japanese language?
Ellen: That's right. I'm a big Japanese fan. I love everything about the country.
Jody: Really? I bet you'll want to know it. According to a story I read in the China Post, about 70 percent of Japanese are worried about their daily lives.
Ellen: Hmm. I know some of them work nonstop for several weeks at a stretch, but I didn't know so many of them are so depressed. Did the story say what they are worried about?
Jody: Yep. It said that anxiety about life after retirement topped the list, followed by health concerns.

解析:at a stretch == continuously (連續不斷)

stretch vt. 伸展;拉長
anxiety n. 憂慮;不安
retirement n. 退休;退休的狀態
retirement pension 養老金
top n. 最高部分;頂;巔    vt. 覆頂;蓋頂  vi. 高聳
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