Timmy: Look at that stray cat. I feel sorry for it.
Hailey: You hate cats! Do you really mean that?
Timmy: I do, from the bottom of my heart.
Hailey: People must do something for stray animals.
Timmy: Someone did. Taipei Municipal First Girls High School recently launched a campaign promoting the Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) strategy to prevent the number of stray cats from growing.
Hailey: What does the strategy do?
Timmy: It starts with trapping homeless animals -- they are afterwards sent to vets to undergo disease examinations and to be neutered, then released.

解析:from the bottom of one's heart==with great feeling, sincerely (由衷的)

stray vt. 偏離, 漂泊;流浪  adj. 漫遊出界的;迷失的  n. 走失之家畜或人
municipal adj. 市、鎮的;地方自治的
campaign n. 戰役, 有目的活動
prompt vt. 促使, 引起, 提示;提詞
trap n. 陷阱
trap 修飾;裝飾
trap 【口】行李;隨身物
neuter adj. 【生物】無性的(如某些植物), 閹割過的;不能生育的  vt.(常用被動)閹割
prevent vt. 防止;使不發生, 阻撓;阻礙;制止
vet n.【口】獸醫
undergo vt. 經過;經歷;遭受;蒙受;忍受;忍耐
examination n. 調查;詳細檢查, 考試;(尤指)筆試
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