Putting  Wikipedia's pieces together

A look at how Wikipedia -- the multilingual Web-based, free-content encyclopedia operated by the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation -- woks:


。Claims to be the Largest, most extensive, fastest growing encyclopedia on the Internet.
。About 8.2 million articles, about 2 million of which are in the English-language edition
。In 253 languages

Site offers four forms of protection of discourage vandalism and misinformation
Semi-protection protects pages against edition by an unregistered user.
Full protection protects pages against editing by anyone other than those with administrator privileges.
Cascading protection prevents editing of the article and any images or pages embedded within it; works with full protection.
Move protection protects pages from being moved by any user other than an administrator.

。Any reader can add text or links and make corrections to articles that have an "Edit this page" tab.
。Process keeps articles current, but has led to vandalism and to disputes over accuracy.

Types of users
Administrators: Volunteers who help with site upkeep and have access to technical features that can protect and delete pages, block other editors and undo actions.
Basic: Most users fall into one of two categories: those who sign in to a free Wikipedia account and unregistered users tracked only by their IP address; both can edit and move articles, upload files and start new articles.
Stewards: Active, longtime members of the Wikipedia community who are elected by their peers to oversee site access; can change other users' access privileges and can be contacted for help with access as needed.
Developers: Write the software that runs Wikipedia; can change article histories, read system logs and perform site maintenance, through access to host serves.

The picture scans from "The China Post"

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