Izzy: I ate some white bread and potatoes for breakfast. Why do I feel hungry so soon? It's only 10am.
Richie: Because they are "high-GI" foods, which make your blood sugar surge quickly. What you need are "low-GI" foods, such as high-fiber, whole foods, which increase your blood sugar gradually,  so you'll feel full for a longer period. In addition, your daily calorie intake will be less, too.
Izzy: Cool. I'll try to eat low-GI food for lunch.
Richie: Good for you. That's a good start, and if you keep the ball rolling, you'll be able to keep fit in the long run.

解析:keep the ball rolling==keep up an activity or action (持續)

surge n. (常用單數)大浪;巨濤 vi. 洶湧;湧起
gradual adj. 逐漸的;依次而進的;循序而緩慢的
intake n. 吸之物;吸入(如呼吸), 引入量;吸入量
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