California Shows Possible Future for US


Larry : If the economy is heading into a recession... 一旦經濟開始哀退...
Josh : No, no, no. We don't ever use that word around here. 不!不!不!我們不用這個字
Ed : What word? Recession? 哪個字?經濟哀退嗎?
Josh : No! 閉嘴
Will : If we say it, we give it credence.  非提不可時,我們都用代號。
Larry : What should we call it then?  那要怎麼說?
Josh : I don't care. Call it a boat show or a beer garden or a bagel.  隨便。叫 "船展" 或者是 "啤酒花園" 或是 "貝果" 也可以。
Larry : So if it is a bagel, the Fed thinks it's gonna be a mild bagel.  那...如果是貝果的話,聯準會認為它是個溫和的貝果。


Put the brake & stoke

Falling home prices and Wall Street turmoil have put the brakes on consumer spending and stoked unemployment. 持續下跌的房價及華爾街風暴抑制了消費者支出,並且增長了失業率。

Brake 原指煞車,作為動車有抑制或約束之意,例句:

How brake inflation? 我們該如何抑制通貨膨脹?

Stoke 則原指添加燃料增加火勢的動作,在這裡有雪上加霜的意思。


Ongoing budget troubles resulted in a $15 billion deficit the year in California. 持續的預算困難造成了加州今年150億的赤字。

Deficit 意指不足額或赤字,如外貿逆差在英語的用法為:a foregin trade deficit. 

recession : a difficult time when there is less trade, business activity etc in a country than usual
mild : 溫和的;仁慈的;沈靜的
stoke : to add more coal or wood to a fire
turmoil : 騷擾;騷動;煽動
inflation : a continuing increase in prices, or the rate at which prices increase (通貨膨脹)
ongoing : continuing, or continuing to develop
budget : to carefully plan and control how much money you spend and what you will buy with it
deficit : the difference between the amount of something that you have and the higher amount that you need 

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