John: Have you heard of the Boston Marathon? It's the first major marathon with a wheelchair division.
Peggy: Yup, I've ever heard of it. But did you just mention a "wheelchair division?"
John: That's right. I really respect those who may be disadvantaged but never look at themselves as disabled.
Peggy: This reminds me of a news story about the blink British adventurer who flew 13,500 miles from London to Sydney in a microlight aircraft on Monday. He finished it in a 59-day journey with a sighted co-pilot.
John: That's amazing! He pulled out all the stops and accomplished something many with perfect vision could not.

解析: pull out all the stops==排除萬難

mention n. 提到, 陳述;提起  vt. 提及;說到
respect n. 尊重;尊敬
disadvantage n. 防礙 vt. 不利於
blink vi. 眨眼:瞇視, 閃光;閃爍
advantage n. 優勢
adventurer n. 冒險家
aircraft n. 航空器(如飛機、飛船)
aircraft carrier 航空母艦
sighted adj. 有某種視力的
sight n. 視力;視覺
pilot n. 舵手;領航員;領港員
accomplished adj. 完全的;優雅的
accomplish vt. 達成;成就
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