Paige: Did you hear that? The professor wants us to memorize part of the Shakespeare's script "Romeo and Juliet?" He must be insane!
Jan: Yeah, but it's no big deal for me. I'm going to prepare by playing video game.
Paige: OK, correction. You must be insane!
Jan: On the contrary my dear friend. A Canadian university recently introduced a "Romeo and Juliet" video game whereby you gain points by recovering stolen text to the script by memorizing the line. I'm going to ace this test!
Paige: Hmmm, you might just be able to pull it off. Want a "study" partner?

解析: pull it off==解決難題

insane  精神不正常的;瘋的
correction n. 改正;修改
correct vt. 修正;改正 adj. 正確的;精密的;無誤的
contrary adj. 相反的;違反的;矛盾的
introduce vt. 導入;引入, 介紹
introduce, introduced, introduced
whereby adv. (用作關係)憑那;因此, (用作疑問詞)靠什麼;如何
steal vt. 偷;竊
steal, stole, stolen
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