Alcatraz Island
I'm so excited! I've finally arrived in San Francisco for the Big City Adventure treasure hunt. I'm on my way to the first location, the famous island of Alcatraz. The prison there was deemed escape proof. 36 prisoners tried in 14 separate escape attempts, although 5 were never found. I hope I don't disappear mysteriously when I leave!

prison n. 監獄;監牢
prison break 越獄
deem vt. 認為;相信
escape vt. 逃避;避免
proof  n.證據;物證
prisoner n. 囚犯;犯人
separate vt.離;分;分開, 插入;介於其間
attempts vt. 努力而為 n. 嘗試;企圖
disappear vi. 不見;消失
appear vi. 呈現;出現
mysterious adj. 神祕的
mysteriously adv.

Alcatraz Island
"The Rock" was home to many famous crooks and gangsters, although definitely not by choice. Perhaps I'll find something left behind by Alcapone, Machine Gun Kelly or even the Birdman of Alactraz, Robert Stroud. But Alcatraz hasn't been a prison since 1963, so I can't hope for too much. But you never know your luck in a Big City!

crook n. 彎曲部份, 【俚】不誠實的人;騙子
gangster n. 歹徒;匪徒
definite adj. 準確的;確切的

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