Bill: I aced my mathematics test again!
Tori: Congrats! You really have a talent for math.
Bill: But not for literature. I tend to forget what I just read in about three seconds!
Tori: Then your ring finger should be longer than you index finger! According to a news report I read on Yahoo!, kids with longer ring fingers compared to index fingers are likely to have higher math scores. Children with longer index fingers are likely to do well on the reading, writing and verbal sections of tests.
Bill: Let me check mine. Oh no! How come my index finger is longer than my ring finger? Dose this mean I'll have to give up math?
Tori: Of course not. All you have to do is keep at what you like best. Your finger length won't change your love for math.

解析: keep at (something)==保持下去

ring finger==無名指
index finger==中指

congrats (應該是 congratulation 的簡寫, I guess)
congratulation n. 祝賀;慶賀
talent n. 才智;才幹
literature n. 文學
tend vi. 趨;向
tend vt. 照料;照顧;看護 vi. 伺候;服役
verbal adj. 言辭的;由言辭講成的


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