Jay: Do you know about the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating event on New York's Coney Island? It's going to start on July 4!
Clare: I know it. I have watched it on TV - people gobbled up dozens hotdogs in only a few minutes. They are true monsters.
Jay: My idol Takeru Kobayashi will dominate the hotdog eating contest again! It will be his seventh straight title.
Clare: I don't think so. According to a story I read on Yahoo!, Kobyashi recently suffered jaw arthritis due to his intense training, making his next title uncertain.
Jay: What a shame! He will not able to break a new record this year.

解析:break a record

gobble vt. 狼吞虎嚥
dozens n. 一打;十二個
dominate vt. 統治;管理;治理
straight adj. 不彎曲的;直的
jaw n. 頷;顎;牙床
arthritis n. 【醫】(病理)關節炎
intense adj. 極度的;過度的
uncertain adj. 不確定的;可疑的
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