I'm so excited! I've finally arrived in San Francisco for the Big City Adventure treasure hunt. I'm on my way to the first location, the famous island of Alcatraz. The prison there was deemed escape proof. 36 prisoners tried in 14 separate escape attempts, although 5 were never found. I hope I don't disappear mysteriously when I leave.

以下是 Google Translate :
我很興奮 ! 我終於抵達了舊金山大城市探險尋寶 . 我在我去的第一個地點 ,著名的島嶼 Alcatraz . 監獄也被視為逃逸證明 . 36名囚犯試圖在14個單獨的越獄企圖 ,雖然五人,再也沒找到. 我希望我並不神秘消失,當我離開 .
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