Deanna: Hey Pierce! Why are you eating instant ramen?
Pierce: Because I'm in the market for Wii ! Besides, PlayStation3 is awesome, but I can't afford 600 bucks for it, seriously.
Deanna: I bet you'll love to know this. According to a news report I read in the China Post, Sony plans to phase out a US$499 model of PlayStation3 console to compete with Wii and Xbox360!
Pierce: Whoa. US$500 for a PlayStation3 is decent, really. But I don't want to eat ramen for 3 months!

解析:in the market for (something) == wanting or ready to buy something (想買某件東西)

instant adj. 現今的;急迫的
ramen 拉麵
instant ramen 泡麵 == instant noodles
awesome adj. 令人敬畏的;令人畏懼的
afford vt. 供給;產生
phase n. (事務的)一面;方面
decent adj. 相稱的;合適的
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