Isaac: What's that?
Natalie: Say hello to my new panda purse! It's so cute, isn't?
Isaac: You're really a panda fan, aren't you? Oh, that remind me: According to a story I read in the China Post, a research center in Chengdu is going to introduce a special panda-themed souvenir before the 2008 Olympics.
Natalie: Really? I would be interested in that! What is it?
Isaac: A panda-shaped piece of panda poop!
Natalie: Stop pulling my leg! I don't want to waste my money buying panda poop.
Isaac: Ha-ha. I guess they're just beating the drum about the upcoming Olympics.

解析:beat the drum == to attract attention (引人注目)

purse n. 錢袋;錢囊
souvenir n. 紀念品;紀念物
poop n. 船尾樓假板;又指船尾(= poop deck)
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