Dan: Is the air conditioner broken?
Nona: Yep. I already called the maintenance department. They'll be here in no time.
Dan: If I keep sweating like this, I will dehydrate!
Nona: I think what you need are some self-cooling clothes. According to a news report in the China Post, a Japanese shirt company uses every trick in the book to beat summer heat and ease global warming. It's working on clothes with fans sewn on it -- but the wind puffs up the clothes so you'll look a bit portly.
Dan: That's not a problem for me. I would rather to look a little fatter than deal without air conditioning.

解析:every trick in the book == using every method possible (想盡辦法)

There'll be here in no time.
rather... than... == 寧...也不...

sweat n.汗  vi. 流汗
dehydrate vt. 使脫水;使乾  vi. 失掉水份
sew vt. 縫 vi. 作針線;縫紉
puff n. 噴氣;喘氣, 粉撲
portly adj. 態度莊重的;舉止莊嚴的, 壯碩的
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